5 Most Unbelievable Sports

This is a very interesting topic and I always appreciate how ‘not shitty’ your video quality is “Sports”?!! The closest thing to be a sport is the larping armor guys. Lets see 5 Most Unbelievable Sports,

!!! You are an absolute genius. This is what is all about. Only in could a Highschooler come up with a multimillion dollar company by turning a finger doodling toy into a World wide sport and business. I presume you are by now a multimillionaire. If by some slight chance you are not I’m sure I can make you one just by what you have already got. I am not trying to rob you I just want to make sure that you are very confident that you are a millionaire now even if you haven’t got the cash yet. You are a sensation be sure of that. This will make you all the money you have ever wanted quickly. Remember, if you need any help with this business like even if you just need cash to make some things happen I would be thrilled to be involved in any way with this great and fantastic creation of yours.

“We have people from all walks of life in the Armored Combat League” yeah ok except no black people I guess. I just saw the 4A yoyo and I was like, “Yo, is that Ben Conde?” I wasn’t expecting a yoyo segment. Ben’s probably the most interviewed thrower from what I can tell lmao. If fingerboarding is an actual sport, marching band had better be one pretty flipping soon.

Honestly, I really want to try the /trampoline sport, but I’d probably be that one person who just stays in place and jumps.


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