Hardest Positions in Sports

Every sport requires talent and natural ability, but some are much more difficult than others. For this list, we are focusing on the from a variety of that are toughest to play from both a physical and technical standpoint.


: Bigger goal, bigger ball. Wicket Keeping: Smaller ball, smaller ball. But the adrenaline if you’re in the goal in , when the opponent loses a shot on goal and everything is on you, that feeling is epic, indescribable. That’s why I’m a goalkeeper. Hurling goalkeepers have the hardest job. In fact every position in hurling is hard considering people are swinging hurleys( a big wooden stick) at you at full speed.

Saftey in American Football is the hardest position ever!! You have to read the QB, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends and Runing Backs at the same time and have to run wherever the ball goes and tackle the offensive player who could be twice then your size. You also have to have the playbook down. And most important, you have to have a lot of stamina, and you have to be fast as hell. You run over the whole field every play. From sideline to sideline, from the line of scrimmage to the endzone. In EVERY play. Saftey is by far the hardest position in anny sports.

Some say this, First the Center isn’t even the most difficult positions in basketball. Next, Wickett? That’s not a sport. Next, yes a catcher is has a difficult job, but after you learn your pitchers, you begin to make it routine…catch the ball. It’s a hard position, but not a top 10 hard.Polo or Lacrosse? Doesn’t count. Rugby…ok, I’ll agree with that one. Rugby is tough. I agree with both Pitcher and QB. Hocky Goalies have a tough job, but I’d put pitcher and QB higher. And number one, a soccer goalie? The best athletes in the US, aka the best athletes in the world, don’t play soccer. So based on that alone, it can’t be #1. I don’t like the show, but Tosh.0 had a very clip about soccer, showing Lebron James standing in front of a soccer goal (of course the picture is photo shopped to make it look like he takes up the entire area, but it’s one of his few funny moments). So, with that being said, I’ll give it a shot (using sports that actually matter in the US):

10. NFL Offensive Lineman (esp. the Center because he has to try to block after snapping the ball. As a man of this size, that’s quick moving. But without a good O Line, QBs and RBs are dead.

9. MLB Hitter: If you are considered to be a good hitter if you hit 30% or more of your attempts…well, enough said. But I’ve heard the hardest thing to do in professional sports is to hit a baseball against a pro pitcher.

8. Tennis Champ- Tennis is much more difficult than most think. Esp. if you are a champ.

7. MLB Pitcher- You are involved in every single play. And you have to figure out what to throw at a 2×2′ strike zone while not allowing a hit, or even worse a home run. This position kills your arm over time.

6. NFL QB- There’s not much I need to say here. If you win, you’re a hero. If you lose, it’s your fault.

5. A Hockey Scorer/MVP/Champ: First you have to skate on ice, with a stick, better than your opponents, while avoiding getting slammed into the wall. Then you have to find an opening in the 4’x6′ goal that the goalie takes up most of.

4. MMA Champ- As the fastest growing sport, it’s becoming harder to break into this sport. But if you do happen to make it, you really need to shoot for the UFC or you are wasting your time, and body and brain. This is very, very hard to do. But if you do make it, then you have to beat the best of the best to become a champ. It’s like boxing, but just not as difficult.

3. NBA PG- Not only are you most likely the smallest guy on the court, but you always have the ball in your hands, and you are expected to be the coach on the floor, by distributing the ball to players in a positions where they can score by breaking down the opponent’s defense. Plus, being the shortest player, to score you either have to find a way to score on larger men or shoot a 10 inch diameter ball into an 18 inch diameter goal, from over 22 feet away.

2. NFL Kicker- Not only is this the biggest pressure position in football and the fact that the kicker is typically the highest scorer on their team, have you ever tried to kick a field goal (or even a PAT)? It’s hard as hell. If the ball is on the 30 Yard Line, you must add the normal 17 yards (10 yard End Zone + 7 yards for the holder). Then, if you are not in the middle of the field, you have to kick on one of the side hash mark, adding a couple more yards and more difficulty, Then you have to add 3 more yards to make up for the 10 foot tall post. And speaking of the posts, they are about 6 yards apart. And if you’re outside, the wind plays a factor. But back to my original point, if you are on the 30 yard line (scrimmage), and not straight on, you have to boot the ball 52 Yards between a 6 yard post. And unlike baseball, where 30% batting avg is good, or basketball, where 50% is good, or even a QB, where 65%+ is good; if you kick at this percentage, you better start finding a new job.

1. Professional Boxing Champion- ESPN voted Boxing as the most difficult sport in the world. Furthermore, as a retired boxer, I can say that simply being ranked is difficult; making it to a title fight is extremely hard to make happen with very slim chances to ever get this chance; and actually winning it…well, I think my point is made.


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