Jeddah Tower to be World’s Tallest Building at 1KM

, Nation which is famous for building skyscrapers by building tallest buildings is currently on the way to build world’s tallest building. As current tallest building in the world is Dubai’s , which is also in saudi arabia. New building would be called as and now it is already in under construction. Cost estimated at least of $1.23 billion, it is integrated in Jeddah Economic City which is total of $120 billion. Interesting Fact is same designer who designed , American architect Adrian Smith designed the sam ebuilding. Another greatest achivement is the first structure to reach 1 kilometer high mark would be “Jeddah Tower”.

The Jeddah tower is a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s growth and fortune, which has triangular footprint and a sloped exterior design to reduce wind load. Even Though no official floor count has been stated, but architect Adrian Smith said it would have more than 200 floors with total of 59 elevators including double deck elevators and 12 escalators, also with a world’s highest observation deck. Jeddah tower also would have 3 sky lobbies. For the construction, It would require 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel, foundations would be 200 feet deep.

In an Saudi government press release on Sunday said Jeddah Economic Company and Saudi Arabia’s Alinma Investment had signed a financing deal for 8.4 billion Saudi riyals (or $2.2 billion) to build Jeddah City, including the sky-piercing tower.

Jeddah Tower would be An architectural feat once it completes.

Source : CNN


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