Slower Melting Ice Cream

WOW ! Great News for Lovers, They can enjoy the until it melts.

University of Edinburgh and the University of Dundee, Scientist discovered a protein that makes melting ice cream resistant, by making it stay longer. The protein discovered binds the air, fat and water together in ice cream, creating a smooth consistency.

The protein called BslA, which is naturally present in some foods. Researchers said, “By Using friendly bacteria they can recreate this protein, which will have good and positive impacts on people’s health. Everyone are the great fan of any flavor of ice cream, please fear not – the scientists have also told that by adding this substance to ice cream does not affect the taste of ice cream.

Below Video represents the Death & Life of Ice Cream,

According to the researchers, their discovery have even further benefits. It allows making ice cream and other frozen products with lower levels of saturated fat, which means less calories. Also, storage freezers and delivery trucks wouldn’t need as much refrigeration, reducing energy costs.

Above News which sound too good to be true, the scientists estimate that the ice cream made with this protein won’t be commercially available for next 3 to 5 years.


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