The Story of Walt Disney

The Company is one of the most well known brands today, but how did it all begin? and how big is it today? In this video, we’ll find out.

how is disney not breaking the Anti-trusts laws in the US, like they own mostly all media and can control what we hear and see. Yea there are other companies that have more revenue but, disney pretty much own all of the media. That should be a video on its own.

The was made by Pixar, Disney only produce and distribute it. The same for Finding Nemo. WALL-E was made entirely by Pixar.

diney is truly amazing, its so facinating to see how it grew over time and it is truley inspirational to see the way they revolutionized and changed animation as we know it today, hen the Disney/Fox merger happens Disney will have controlling interest in Hulu.

Why are you not talking about Disneys biggest “Secret”? That “Secret” is that no one knows who owns Disney and the real owners are hidden from the public. The Disney company was stolen from the Disney family by Jews. Walt Disney fought to regain control of the company for many years until he was bought off and given a job and a part of the company. Also the Jewish owners sold the company in 2001 to unknown buyers. In all probability it was bought by the Rothschild’s but they do not want people to know out of fear that Americans would boycott such an American company being owned by foreigners and also because they do not want people to know exactly how much power the Rothschild have. You out right lied by saying that was Disney’s largest single shareholder. He was not he like his widow today is Disney’s largest public shareholder. Less than 20% of Disney is available through stocks. So Jobs was and his wife ONLY controlled 7% of the 20% of public stock . Someone else (Rothschilds) owns 80% of Disney and do not want anyone to know about it. They even throw out the lie/trick that Steve Job’s widow now is a majority stock holder but that is only of publicly available stock the vast majority 80% is not available.

Walt Disney originally called his creation Mortimer. It was his wife,Lillian, who persuaded him to change it to Mickey. American actor, Mickey Rooney, has claimed that was in fact named after himself, following meeting Disney in the 1920s as a child.


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